Prime Minister reassures the position of strategic stocks in the country


Prime Minister reassures the position of strategic stocks in the country

The Prime Minister, Mr. Moataz Mousi Abdullah, was assured of the wheat position and the supply of flour in the country. This came during his visit on Sunday, September 23, 2018 to the strategic stocks accompanied by the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Mr/Hassab ALnabi Moses. Minister of State in the Council of Ministers, Mr. Hatim Hassan Bakhit, and State Ministers of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning, Mr. Tarek Shalaby, Muslim Ahmed Prince

The Prime Minister revealed that next week the Cabinet will hold a meeting in Wad Madani, the capital of the state of Al-Jazirah province, to ensure the preparations for the winter season and prepare for the harvest of the summer season. And its role in the development of cotton cultivation and value added in the textile industry.

The prime minister stressed that the priorities of the government in the next phase are to focus on scientific research applied for production, revealing in this aspect the visit of agricultural research in the city of Wad Madani within the program of the next cabinet meeting. He explained that the meeting will see a detailed plan for the winter season. As well as public policy announcements and the announcement of the wheat price for the next season to encourage farmers and increase domestic production.

In a related context, the Prime Minister held a meeting with the owners of mills in order to ensure the existence of a strategic stock of wheat, and agree on a formula of regular cooperation to address the issue of supply of wheat and then supply flour to the mills and bakeries and citizens.
The Minister of State in the Council of Ministers, Mr. Hatem Hassan Bakhit, said that the meeting assured the availability of about half a million tons of wheat enough for the mills for a long time, indicating that the meeting security on the need to provide wheat and flour continuously ensures the flow of these strategic goods to the citizen without any interruption.

In a separate context, the Prime Minister announced his visit on Monday to the Red Sea State to find out the strategic stocks of wheat in the mills. He explained that in the Free Zone in Port Sudan there are about 400 thousand tons of wheat enough for the coming months.
He also announced his visit tomorrow to the state of Kassala to see the health situation there.