Minister of the Cabinet Affirms strength of Sudanese-UAE relations


Minister of the Cabinet Affirms strength of Sudanese-UAE relations

Minister of the Council of Ministers, Mr. Ahmed Saad Omar has affirmed the strength  and eternity of Sudanese-Emirats  relations and reiterated the keenness of the Sudan to promote them   further towards realizing  the common interests of the two countries.

Saad  made the  confirmation while  meeting at his office on the morning of 12 August 2018, the delegation of the  United Arab Emirates UAE National Archives  which is currently visiting the country led by Mr. Majid Al Muhairi, Executive Director of the UAE National Archives.
The Minister ascertained to  the delegation the State's attention  to  paper, audio and audio-visual  documentation, noting  that the documents are references for future generations,
The Minister further called  for transfer  of experiences and exchange of expertise  between Sudan and the UAE to upgrade  the work of documents for their importance in preserving the memory of the nation and its history which stretches back over eras and ages.

In a related development , the delegation met with the State Minister at  the Council of Ministers, Mr. Osman Ahmed Fadul Wash, who highlighted  the importance of the delegation  visit for being familiarized with  the history and civilizations of Sudan, noting that it will open wide prospects  of  cooperation between the two countries in political, cultural and civilization spheres.

For his part, the  head of the delegation of the UAE National Archives, Mr. Maher Al Muhairi said that he is to  sign  a memorandum with the Sudanese National Records Office  which will be a real kick off  for cooperation with National Record Office  during the coming period.