The States Committee of the supreme committee conclude visits of the mandates of the kordofan


The States Committee of the supreme committee conclude visits of the mandates of the kordofan

The Committee concluded the mandates emanating from the supreme committee for the follow-up to the National  stationary and enforce the outputs of the national dialog, headed by Dr. Faisal Hassan Ibrahim, Minister of federal government Wednesday 14 February 2018 visits of the mandates of the Kordofan, where today held an extensive meeting with the Council of Ministers of the Government of South Kordofan state in the presence of Governor General Issa Adam earliest and Mr., chairman of the Legislative Council Engineer / ALsir Abdul Rahim Tutu, beside the executive leadership of the State Security Committee

 Dr. Faisal also said that the implementation of the outcomes of the national dialog is the responsibility of the government of national reconciliation in the center and praising the level of deferment of the implementation of the mandate of the national dialog and ownership of policies for the rehabilitation of the war-affected psychologically and physically and their reintegration into their communities and foster a spirit of and a culture of peace and civil life instead of a culture of war and fighting, pointing out the importance of the adoption of the Mechanism Permanent community to achieve peace. also he explained that local governance inherent level of levels of governance as it is connected with the provision of services to the citizens calling in this regard to the urgency of the composition of local legislative councils. And work on activating the performance of municipal administrative units.

On his part, and to the South Kordofan state that his mandate now enjoys peace, security and stability and hailed the role of the armed forces and other regular forces in insurance and the expansion of the Security Service of the State, appreciating the efforts of the citizens in communicating directly with their parents which had the greatest impact in creating confidence and trust, and achieving social peace. Mr. Wali said that the atmosphere of peace in the state have allowed the government to proceed toward development, according to the vision and strategy and action plans with clear goals and to provide the necessary services for the citizens in the area of health, education, water and electricity, indicating the measures and remedies taken by the state to curb the rise of prices and easing the burden of the citizens' living standards

and the meeting had reviewed the inception report of South Kordofan state on the implementation of the National Accord stationary and enforce a printout of the dialog.
The Committee commended the States holiday of South Kordofan state law of local governance and interest in the organization of the civil administration and the social fabric of the mandate as well as the preservation of public money through the strengthening of the internal audit system and its controls. Confirming the need to review and activate the laws and the harmonization of legislation in the state with national legislation.

The  States committee kuacke city stood on the level of the executive and administrative performance by local communities in the eastern countryside exemplar of the mandate in the implementation of the outcomes of the national dialog, confirming the necessity of moving and mobilizing the capacity of society to increase production and productivity and guarding the peace.