The States committee meets the council of ministers of the Government of the state of West Kordofan


The States committee meets the council of ministers of the Government of the state of West Kordofan

The Commission held the mandates emanating from the supreme committee for the follow-up to the National  stationary and enforce the outputs of the national dialog, headed by Dr. Faisal Hassan Ibrahim, Minister of federal government Tuesday 13 February 2018 an extensive meeting with the Council of Ministers of the Government of Western Kordofan State in the presence of the Secretary-general and the mandate Abu Al Qasem Al Baraka and Mr. Sharif Muhammad Ebadi, chairman of the legislative council and the leaders into operational activities of the mandate.

And assured Dr. Faisal that the implementation of the outcomes of the national dialog is the responsibility of the government of national reconciliation in the different levels of government, calling on the state government to thought to optimize the use of the comparative advantage of the enormous agricultural and animal resources of the State in supporting the country's macroeconomic. dr.Faisal explained that local governance inherent level of levels of governance as it is connected with the provision of services to the citizens calling in this regard to the composition of local legislative councils. And work on activating the performance of municipal administrative units.
And demanded the minister of the Office of the federal government and the state government attention literacy program pivotal issue and support vulnerable sectors and improving the people's pension. As well as to facilitate business performance of citizens in accordance with the standards of quality and excellence.

On his part, and the state of West Kordofan on the outputs of the national dialog is a strategic action program of his government, he said that thanks to the political dialog and community levels have been exceeded all the great challenges facing the State, where security has been resolved and the state recovered completely from tribal conflicts and restructuring and civil administration as well as the return of the mandate of the armed movements and their joining to the peace and stability. He said that his focus in development programs on the implementation of the roads linking the capital of the state of different beside their interest in health, education, water and electricity projects.

The meeting was reviewed at the beginning of West Kordofan state report on the implementation of the National Accord stationary and enforce the outputs of the national dialog.
Headquarters, the Legislative Council of West Kordofan States Commission met with popular leaderships and the legislative, executive and by local El Fula. Reassured the conciliatory spirit that prevails among the local components which contributed to achieving security and stability and paved the way to move toward development and providing the necessary services for the citizens