The States Committee for the follow-up the National dialog begin stationary program of field visits, the mandates of the kordofan


The States Committee for the follow-up the National dialog begin stationary program of field visits, the mandates of the kordofan

The Committee began the mandates emanating from the supreme committee for the follow-up to the National stationary and enforce the outputs of the national dialog, headed by Dr. Faisal Hassan Ibrahim, Minister of federal government started today Monday 12 February 2018 program of field visits, the mandates of the kordofan. Where the Committee held an extensive meeting with the Council of Ministers of the Government of the state of North Kordofan the presence and mandate of maulana Ahmed Haroun, the Directors-general of ministries and executives state locality.

Dr. Faisal said that the government of national reconciliation is moving steadily in the implementation of the recommendations of the national dialog, explaining that the national dialog of the greatest national achievements after independence, indicating the need to remain a document national dialog alive through inclusion in national counter plans and projects of the various mandate Dr. Faisal called on the state government to increase the operational capacity of the various programs and projects in accordance with the priorities, indicating the need to focus on the literacy programs and the reduction of poverty and the strengthening of municipal administrative units and hastening the formation of local legislative councils as well as the apportionment of resources .

On his part, Maulana Ahmed Haroun, the outputs of the national dialog represented the momentum of the Clarion project renaissance and the State planning system, pointing out that his Government had taken a number of actions and measures to curb price rise. Mr. Governor that his mandate had completed its mission in the process of collecting the weapons in the first stage, which had positively on the level of social security and state criminal said that his focus on the gum arabic belt program as one of the integrated rural development projects, indicating advanced steps undertaken by the state to upgrade the urban environment and the development of crop markets in the state.

The Committee had heard a report of the performance of the stationary North Kordofan on national reconciliation and the enforcement of the outputs of the national dialog for the first 2017/2018..
The members of the Committee praised the States government method of North Kordofan in invigorating popular effort and corrected toward development and maintaining the cohesion of the social fabric of the State.

The members of the Committee saw the launch of the development observatory in North Kordofan province of technical and institutional support of the Arab Planning Institute. And contribute to the observatory in support of sustainable development and identify the comparative advantages of the mandate and attracting investment.
This Committee has held a meeting with the heads of the national dialog in the State Parties commended the spirit of consensus of political forces and their role in strengthening the national will and unity and its contribution to the achievement of many developmental achievements in the state.