The States Committee for national dialog parties meet in the White Nile state


The States Committee for national dialog parties meet in the White Nile state

The Committee on the mandates emanating from the supreme committee for the follow-up to the National for the outputs of the national dialog, headed by the Federal Government Minister Dr. Faisal Hassan Ibrahim yesterday afternoon Sunday 4 February 2018 at the secretariat of the White Nile state government held a meeting with community-based of the national dialog of the mandate, the parties, in the presence of Dr. Abdul Hamid Moussa Kasha and the White Nile, the meeting dealt with the position of the implementation of the recommendations of the national dialog, at the state .

The Federal Government Minister clarified that the national dialog, which makes people of differences and contributed to the national unity, confirming that the national dialog is the largest national achievements after independence, praising the role played by community-based body to be entrusted with the government of national reconciliation of the mandate.
Dr. Faisal called for the need to unleash the exploitation of the resources and capabilities of the mandate in the area of agricultural products to increase production and productivity.

On his part, Dr. Abdul Hamid Moussa Kasha the White Nile Wally, the level of cooperation and understanding between the parties of the national dialog and the mandate, confirming his government's commitment to the implementation of the outcomes of the national dialog in the state.
On their part, the heads of political parties stressed the need to give priority to the recommendations associated with the invalidity pension people improving the standard of living of citizens, as well as the interest of the agricultural sector.

On a related level, th States committee headed by the Minister of the Cabinet of the federal government yesterday evening by local kosti held a similar meeting with the activities of political parties and parties of national dialog, in the presence of and the White Nile state, the President of the Legislative Council of the mandate of local certified Kosti, where the legislative, executive and political leaders confirmed its support for the implementation of the outputs of the mandate of the national dialog.