The States Committee of the Commission on the recommendations of the dialog continue their visits and holds a meeting in the middle of Darfur


The States Committee of the Commission on the recommendations of the dialog continue their visits and holds a meeting in the middle of Darfur

The Committee continued the mandates emanating from the supreme committee for the follow-up to the National Accord stationary and enforce the outputs of the national dialog, headed by Dr. Faisal Hassan Ibrahim, Minister of federal government program of visits, the mandates of Darfur where held today morning Wednesday the 24th January 2018 convened a meeting of the Government of the State of Central Darfur.  Alshrtaie Abdul Alhakum explained  governance and mandate that political compromise and community, which witnessed by the state has increased the geographical area of peace and stability, which reflected positively in increasing the volume and quality of services provided to citizens.

Pointing out the REGULARITY of the process of collecting weapons in all the municipalities of the state, where more was gathered (2346) Pieces in the past period as well as the inventory of more than 1000 vehicles (2) now being codified. Pointing out that the improvement of the security situation in the state has contributed to the increase of trade movement and opening the roads and reduced the smuggling of goods, with a positive impact on the economy of 73,100 people, indicating the measures and actions that have been taken in coordination with the chambers of commerce, the mandate to curb price rise and control the markets and said that his mandate issued a decision to prevent the exit of millet and sorghum from the state.

Also clarified that his government attaches great importance to the issues of local governance. For his part, Dr. Faisal Hassan Ibrahim to take advantage of the remarkable stability and improvement in the security situation in the center of Darfur in moving the society's energies and channelling it toward the production of agricultural products and literacy. He also praised the step taken by the state of North Darfur in the appointment of local legislative councils and the establishment of the Office for the allocation of resources between the State and localities. The meeting reviewed a report on the implementation of the mandate of the National Accord and enforce the outputs of the national dialog. Where the members of the United States confirmed the need to maximize the benefit of microfinance projects next to continue to the computerization of the state services and follow-up to the completion of the implementation of the agricultural roads.

The Commission also met with the States in the framework of her mandate of central Darfur, the political parties and forces of the State. Where the emphasis was on the need to preserve the spirit of compromise shown in the mandate to promote stability, peace and security and the development of services to citizens.