Cabinet Approves Council of Ministers Performance Report for the Year 2017


Cabinet Approves Council of Ministers Performance Report for the Year 2017

Khartoum: The Cabinet has held its regular session Thursday Morning of January /11/2018 chaired by First Vice President of the Republic , Prime Minister General psc. Bakri Hassan Salih.
The honorable Cabinet has devoted its Thursday session to deliberating on the council's performance report for the year 2017 which is presented by Amir Ahmed Saad Omer , the Minister of the Cabinet Presidency which is a  regular report through which the Cabinet gets acquainted with its performance during the preceding year , its decisions and the status of their implementation as well as the ministerial and technical delegations participation in external missions , the relation of the cabinet with the Legislature and the states.

Ministries commitment to implementing cabinet decisions was high this year whereby the percentage of decisions implementation amounted to  97% against 41% in the pervious year while the percentage of directives implementations has risen from 47% up to 72% this year and the works of the honorable cabinet have centered last year on legislations and plans while the economic topics  were accorded big attention totaling 47% of council works and the number of participants in the official external missions declined from 3988 in the year 2016 down  to 2917 during the year 2017 thanks to the efforts made by the government for rationalizing public spending.

The rate of Ministers attendance to the National Assembly's sessions was  high during the fifth and sixth sessions and this has contributed to effecting coordination between the two executive and legislative bodies while it  also contributed to availing a lot of information related to the issues put forward for deliberation.

States governor have participated in many cabinet sessions totaling 52 participations whereby the governance contributions were clear by highlighting the state view point towards many of the issues put forward.
The Cabinet has also affirmed its commitment to network deliberation between the ministers as part of the packages of the Electronic government adopted by the honorable cabinet.

The cabinet has approved the report of the year 2017 and also approved the program of cabinet sessions for the year 2018 and directed organizing meetings for presenting all the issues of coordination with the states in sessions to be determined beforehand in which the governors are to participate.
Meanwhile the Minister of Commerce Hatim Al Sir presented a briefing on  holding the events of Khartoum International Fair during the period of 22-29 January 2018 in which twenty countries from Europe , Asia , Africa and America  are participate.