Fifth Forum of Federal Ministries Undersecretaries Concludes Sessions


Fifth Forum of Federal Ministries Undersecretaries Concludes Sessions

The events of the fifth forum of the Undersecretaries of the Federal Ministries have concluded sessions Thursday at Dams implementation Units of Er Ruseiris city on Thursday  27/December/2017.

The forum was addressed by the Blue Nile Governor Hussein Yassin Hamad numbering the benefit the state gained by hosting the forum represented in experiments and expertise transfer expressing thanks to the cabinet for selecting the Blue Nile State as a venue for  holding the events of the forum.

The five-day  forum has reviewed several papers presented by experts scientists and specialists covering all the aspects related to executive work in the state, top of which is a paper on the technical role of the Ministry Undersecretary in cabinet decisions and the concepts of quality and excellence of works , general polices of the state , investments constraints, in addition to papers on good governance ,the reality and the future, the unified accounting system as well as the electronic government and its role in facilitating services.

The meeting concluded with a number of recommendations top of which is the need for accelerating the application of single treasury system along with giving priority to the training and capacity building particularly the specialized  qualitative training linked to the job tasks , according attention to total  quality, developing the system of its management in addition to establishing the role of the undersecretary in effecting the vertical and horizontal coordination along with brining about the needed harmony at the ministry .

The forum has also affirmed the need for the ministries and the states to implement their part with regards to the E government and simple procedures for delivering services to the employees provided the recommendations the forum came up with become action programs next year.

It is noteworthy that the ministry undersecretaries delegation has visited Er Rusieirs dam on the sidelines of the forum and got acquainted  with the progress of work in addition to visiting the Blue Nile University and listened to a briefing on the current status of the university.