Acting Council of Ministers Approves General Budget for Year 2022


Acting Council of Ministers Approves General Budget for Year 2022

The acting Council of Ministers held on Wednesday its second meeting, headed by the Secretary-General in charge of the duties of the Prime Minister, Osman Hussein.

The acting Minister of Culture and Information, Dr. Nasr Eddin Ahmed Mohamed Khalid, explained that the meeting reviewed the federal government’s draft budget for the year 2022, presented by the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning, Abdalla Ibrahim, who pointed to the references on which the budget was based and the basic principles and pillars for its preparation.

He also referred to the challenges facing the budget, policies and procedures in accordance with the priorities of the transitional period for achieving economic stability and enhancing the services, infrastructures, public finance, the external monetary sector, protection and social security, in addition to partnership with the private sector.

Dr. Nasr Eddin stated that the budget included axes in the field of peace and security, foreign relations and the democratic transition, indicating that the budget estimates included public revenues, expenditures, the employees' compensation and subsidies.

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Information indicated that after deliberation, the Council of Ministers approved the draft budget, stressing the need to exert more effort to increase the production and while expanding the tax umbrella to increase revenues, improve the living conditions of state employees, improve people's living conditions, and to make the necessary arrangements that guarantee the improvement and stability of economic indicators and the expansion of technical, technical and professional education programs and projects.

He added that the Council of Ministers also approved the laws accompanying to the general budget for the year 2022.