Joint Meeting of Ministerial Sectors Approves Budget for Fiscal Year 2022


Joint Meeting of Ministerial Sectors Approves Budget for Fiscal Year 2022

The joint meeting of the technical committees of the ministerial sectors of the Council of Ministers approved in its meeting Wednesday the draft budget for the fiscal year 2022, which was presented by the First Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning, Abdalla Ibrahim.

 The new budget depends on the state’s own resources and aims to achieving economic stability and sustainable economic growth rate, reducing inflation rates, stabilizing and flexible exchange rates, improving the people’s living conditions and the employees’ salaries and the pensions, as well as directing an estimated part to increase the spending on health, education, and other necessary services.

The budget bill included a number of financial policies, the most important of which is enabling the Ministry of Finance to fulfill its mandate over public money, addressing the price distortions, achieving control on markets, create a favorable climate for local and foreign investment, providing sufficient production inputs in quantity and quality, rationalizing the public spending, and giving priority and focusing on the productive sectors.

The draft budget also included a number of general guidelines, the most important of them is achieving the requirements of the Ministry of Finance’s mandate over the public money, defining and electing medium and short-term national and state projects in order to remove development differences, remove bottlenecks in the production and service sectors, reviewing and improving the wage structures and levels to maintain the level of real income and to end the differences in wages.

It is to be noted that the references of draft budget for the fiscal year emanate from the Transitional Constitutional Document, the Tripartite Program for Stability and Economic Development (2021-2023), the outcome of the Juba Peace Agreement for Peace in Sudan, the programs agreed upon with the international financial institutions, the sustainable development goals, the outcome of the Economic Conference, the strategic paper for the combat of poverty, and the executive plan for the priorities of the transitional period.

The meeting gave a directive on the importance of making radical changes in economic policies through the budget for the year 2022 and utilizing all the capabilities of the state to increase production for exportation as well as mobilizing internal resources to preserve the gains of the glorious December revolution and to include all the observations mentioned in the preparation and amendment of the budget report in preparation for exposing them at the joint meeting.