Dr. Hamdok: Revolution Can Move Ahead to Goals by Dialogue and National Consensus


Dr. Hamdok: Revolution Can Move Ahead to Goals by Dialogue and National Consensus

The Prime Minister, Dr. Abdalla Hamdok, affirmed that the signing of the political agreement on November 21, 2021 did not come in response to immature self-assessments or under pressure from anyone, but rather came from his complete conviction that this agreement will lead to ending the bloodshed of the young men and women, despite his conviction of their willingness to make sacrifices for the sake of their dreams for the homeland.

In an address he directed to the Sudanese people on the occasion of the third anniversary of December revolution, Dr. Hamdok has saluted the martyrs of Sudan throughout its history, especially the honest martyrs of the December Revolution, who sacrificed their lives for the sake of the homeland and its dignity, and in defense of the dear slogan (freedom, peace and justice), wishing speedy recovery for the injured of the glorious December Revolution and victorious return of the missing.

He said that “on this great anniversary, we would like to affirm our adherence to justice for our martyrs and renew the pledge and sincere promise to hold accountable the perpetrators of these crimes and violations against our citizens, young women and brave revolutionaries in all parts of Sudan”.

He affirmed the adherence to the slogans of the revolution, the civil state, and the democracy of government, and the conducting to the path of the martyrs to achieve these great goals, aware that this path is fraught with difficulties, but it is inevitable by the will of the masses.

“ We are facing a major regression in the course of our revolution that threatens the country’s security, unity and stability, and warning of the beginning of slipping into an abyss that will leave for us neither a homeland nor a revolution, but despite this, I still firmly believe that the revolution can proceed with firmness and determination to its goals by walking the path of dialogue and national consensus” he stressed.

Dr. Hamdok pointed out that by his signing of the political agreement on November 21, 2021, he sought to stop political arrests and to work for the release of detainees from the political leaders so that they can assume their national and historical roles and responsibilities by working with the rest of the forces of revolution and change to complete what has been disrupted from the tasks of democratic transition, and to protect the right of revolutionaries for peaceful expression through their various tools.

He indicated that he considered his signing of the political agreement an opportunity to protect the achievements reached over the past two years of the revolution and to preserve our country from slipping into a new international isolation, in addition to the fact that the agreement is, in his opinion, is the most effective and least costly way to return to the path of civil democratic transformation and to cut the way for the counter-revolutionary forces, and to continue the dialogue between the various components to correct the course of the revolution and to move at a steady pace to implement the tasks of the transition.

The Prime Minister renewed call on all the forces of the revolution and all those who believe in civil and democratic transformation to agree on a political charter that addresses the shortcomings of the past and help accomplishing the remaining goals of the revolution and the democratic transition related to issues of peace, security, the economy and people’s livelihood, the completion of power structures, the establishment of the constitutional national conference, leading to free and fair elections.