Dr. Hamdouk assigns Undersecretaries to run the Ministries


Dr. Hamdouk assigns Undersecretaries to run the Ministries

prime Minister Dr. Abdalla Hamdouk, on Wednesday, issued a decision No. (616) for 2021 assigning Undersecretaries to run the ministries as follows:

1-Abdalla Omar Basher-The Foreign Ministry.

2-Ghanim Al-Tayeb Mohammed Naser-Ministry of Justice.

3-Dr. Abu-Bakr Omar Al-Bushra-Ministry of Agriculture and Frosts.

4- Amal Saleh Saad-Ministry of Commerce and Supply.

5- Batoul Abbas Awad Alam- Ministry of Industry.

6- Mohammed Abdalla Mahmud Basher- Ministry of Energy and Oil.

7-Dhau Al-Beit Abdel Rahman Mansour- Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources.

8- Al-Mair Jaffar Mohammed Saad-Ministry of Animal Resources.

9- Husham Ali Ahmed Anu-Zaid-Ministry of Transport.

10- Adel Hassan Mohammed Hussein- Ministry of Communications.

11- Ehlam Mahdi Medani Sabeel- Ministry of Investment and International Cooperation.

12- Hanan Ibrahim Ahmed- Ministry of Education.

13- Mohammed Zain Ali Al-Basher- Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

14- Dr. Haitham Ibrahim Awadalla- Ministry of Health.

15-Suad Al-Tayeb Hassan- Ministry of Labor and Administrative Reform.

16- Abu-Bakr Abu-Al-Gasim Abdalla- Ministry of Development, Roads and Bridges.

17- Abdel Rahim Yagoub Malik-Ministry of Social Development.

18- Mohammed Saed Zain Al-Abdeen-Ministry of Minerals.

19- Abdel Atti Ahmed Abbas- Ministry of Religious Affairs and Endowment.

20- Ayman Saied Salim- Ministry of Sports.