Closed-Door Workshop About Bases of Year 2022 Budget Launched


Closed-Door Workshop About Bases of Year 2022 Budget Launched

A closed-  door workshop was launched yesterday evening at  General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, in the presence of  undersecretaries of the ministries and the directors of planning in the ministries.

The workshop  aims to introduce the foundations and bases of preparing the 2022 budget, review the performance of the previous year's plan, unify the understanding of the directions of the next year's budget and determine priorities and  detailed objectives of the ministerial sectors and project proposals for the coming year.

. The opening session  was  addressed  by the Minister of Labor and Administrative Reform, Tayseer Al-Noorani, who welcomed  the attendees and  expressed her pleasure  to meet the undersecretaries of ministries and planning directors, stressing the importance of harmonizing plans and programs in different ministries, the importance of strategic planning in setting priorities and making a shift in situation  in which the country is experiencing.

She pointed to importance of development planning in reaching a developmental state that provides services and welfare to citizens.

. The Minister indicated  to  importance of optimal management of resources, harmonization, and the development of real plans that take into account the lack of resources and challenges, particularly  that the Undersecretary is  first technical official on whom it depends reaching a common understanding and a plan for follow-up and evaluation, especially that the expanded meeting would help crystallize a comprehensive vision to expand projects and meet the aspirations of the citizen to reach just development and achieve  slogans of the revolution.

First Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning Abdallah Ali Ibrahim, reviewed the theoretical framework for the topics of the meeting, which include the main axes and pillars represented in the three-year program, pointing to the harmonization  between the objectives and budget activities, especially in terms of development.

 He reviewed the current situation, vision and strategic framework in light of the economic developments that affected the transitional period  and increasing Sudan's integration into the global economy after lifting the US embargo on the country.

The workshop also discussed a paper on the overall strategy on  poverty alleviation 2021-2023 and the sustainable development goals, which contributes to developing a national framework to verify poverty severity and identify the required budget resources and priorities  to achieve the goal

.The workshop also  reviewed a paper on the partnership between the public and private sectors, where the partnership project is economically, socially and service feasible and aims to bridge the resource gap that the government does not have for investments and development in the infrastructure, as well as the efficient use  of resource , encouraging savings and reducing the quest to provide non-concessional loans to reduce the burden of borrowing  and debt services.

 The workshop outlined the general features and directives of the year 2022 budget.