Hamdouk Affirms Importance of Joint Work to Ensure Success of Democratic Transformation


Hamdouk Affirms Importance of Joint Work to Ensure Success of Democratic Transformation

The Prime Minister, Dr. Abdalla Hamdouk, received in his office Wednesday noon the US envoy to the Horn of Africa Jeffrey Feltman, in the presence of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Mariam Al-Saddiq, the Political Advisor of the Prime Minister, Yasser Arman, the Advisors for International Partnerships and Cooperation, Omer Gamar-Eddin and Ayesha Al-Berair, besides the US Charge d’Affaires to Sudan, Brian Shukan.

During the meeting, the Prime Minister gave a briefing on the situation in the country, noting that the situation had stabilized after the failed coup attempt, and stressed the importance of joint work by all the partners of the transitional period to make a success the civil democratic transition.

Dr. Hamdouk also affirmed the importance of the international support to complete the requirements of the transitional phase, support the completion of peace, and to provide the necessary resources to implement the clauses of the Juba agreement for the peace in Sudan, as one of the most important processes of the civil democratic transformation, which is the goal of all the Sudanese people.

The Prime Minister expressed his thanks and appreciation to the US administration for its stand alongside the Sudanese people and their legitimate aspirations for a better future for them and for future generations, affirming the importance of building on this support that has Sudan found from all countries of the world.

On his part, the US envoy for the Horn of Africa affirmed that the failed coup attempt was met with full condemnation from the US administration and the US Congress, reiterating the US support for the civilian-led Sudanese government following the stabilization of the transitional period, and reaching its end by achieving a civil democratic transformation and elections.

Feltman said that such attempts inevitably aim to halt the development that Sudan is witnessing despite the difficulties facing the transition, and also aim to hinder the normalization of relations with the United States and its role in the international financial institutions such as the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and other financial institutions.

He indicated that such coup attempts would lead to stopping the US Congress support for Sudan, adding, pointing out that it is important for the two parties in Sudan to reach the truth and understand that their cooperation is important for the smooth transition and for Sudan to remain within its position in the international community, which Sudan has reached after hard work.

The US Special Envoy indicated that he discussed with the Prime Minister ways the United States to support for the various processes of the civil democratic transformation, beginning with the process of issuing a permanent constitution and holding the census and the elections.

The Prime Minister and Feltman agreed on the importance of establishing the Transitional Legislative Assembly to ensure the expansion of the base of civil and democratic transition in the country, in addition to completing the institutions of the transitional period, as stated in the constitutional document.

The meeting included a discussion on the Red Sea security issues and developments in east Sudan, and their impact on the regional and international peace and security, where the positions of the two parties coincided.

The talks between the Prime Minister and the US special envoy also included the developments in the region and affirmed importance of the peaceful dialogue in solving disputes for achieving stability and prosperity for all countries and peoples in the world.