Hamdouk and French Envoy Discuss Support to Democratic Transformation in Sudan


Hamdouk and French Envoy Discuss Support to Democratic Transformation in Sudan

The Prime Minister, Dr. Abdalla Hamdouk, received on Monday noon the special envoy of France to Sudan and South Sudan State, Jean-Michel Dumond, in the presence of the Prime Minister’s Political Advisor, Yasser Arman, and the Prime Minister’s Advisor for International Cooperation, Ayesha Al-Berair.

The French envoy explained in a press statement that his visit to Sudan comes to express France support for the transitional government, led by the civilians, after the failed coup attempt, noting that the meeting discussed the support that France can provide for this important transition.

He pointed out in this regard that France and its partners who are friends of Sudan have clearly expressed this supportive position.

The French envoy stated that the reforms implemented by the transitional government, which are very difficult and produced extremely harsh living conditions for citizens, began to give their initial results, referring in this regard to the stability of the exchange rate and the low rate of inflation, stressing the importance of continuing this effort.

He stressed the importance of continuing the cooperation that lasted for two years between the civil and military components in Sudan.

He also affirmed the importance of continuing the cooperation between the Sudanese political forces on the basis of good intentions in order to support the efforts being made by the government in its quest to improve the conditions of its citizens.

Ambassador Jean-Michel stated that the meeting dealt with the ways in which France can support this very important transition process in Sudan, especially the important timelines that include the preparation for the future constitution as well as the population census, the just peace and the security sector’s reform that begins with the police forces.

He said that the meeting discussed important regional issues such as the worrying situation in South Sudan State and the need to implement the joint military mechanism stipulated in the Revitalized Peace Agreement for the State of South Sudan.

He indicated that the meeting also discussed the situation in Ethiopia and the impossibility of a military solution to the problem.

Ambassador Jean-Michel affirmed France support for all the efforts made by Sudan, as head of IGAD, as well as the efforts made by the African Union's envoy for the Horn of Africa, Obasanjo, to persuade the two parties to find a peaceful solution to the crisis in Ethiopia, due to the importance of the issue in the stability of Sudan and all African countries.

He said that his country supports all the efforts to achieve stability in Sudan and Africa and to realize the goals of the Sudanese revolution "freedom, peace, justice”.