Hamdouk announces formation of National Mechanism to Protect Transition and implement the Initiative


Hamdouk announces formation of National Mechanism to Protect Transition and implement the Initiative

Prime Minister, Dr. Abdalla Hamdouk , on Sunday announced the formation of a National Mechanism for chaired by the Gen-retired, Fadalla Burma Naser and the membership of others to create wide consensus to protect the transition and implement the initiative.

Dr. Hamdouk said in a press conference he held today evening that the mechanism was formed following comprehensive consultations to demonstrate the diversity and express the richness of the Sudanese community.

“The objective of the initiative is to represent the largest number of Sudanese society and its various sectors, which is a body that seeks to achieve the greatest degree of consensus within the Sudanese society" he stressed.

The Prime Minister said that his government will take a decisive decision regarding the governor of Gedaref within 24 hours, either to submit his resignation or to be dismissed.

He confirmed that he met Freedom and Change regarding the issue of the Governor of Gedaref and his appearance in pledge of allegiance to the dissolved National Conference.

On the issue of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Prime Minister revealed the formation of a committee of five competent figures to study the file and address it in a transparent and clear manner, noting in this regard that he had received a report from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its committees and from the Public Service Employment Committee.

Commented on the issue of the Mineral Resources Company, he said we will absolutely not protect any corrupt

Responding to a question on his concerns, Dr.Hamdouk explained that what bothers him the most is providing citizens' necessities at affordable prices and finding a remedy for the economy.

On the formation of the Legislative Council, he said that there was not enough political will to carry out the initiative during the mentioned time period, "I am still convinced that if the necessary political will is available from the various political forces, the Legislative Council can be establish