Hamdouk Discusses with Communist Party Challenges of Transitional Period


Hamdouk Discusses with Communist Party Challenges of Transitional Period

The Prime Minister , Dr Abdalla Hamdouk met on Tuesday a delegation  of leaders  of the Sudanese Communist Party at response at his in vitiation  in presence of a number of his aides.

The  meeting  discussed,  according to a press  statement issued by  the Council of Minister,  the challenges  facing the transitional period, economic issues, people’ living , dispense of justice  and Sudan’s external relations.

The  meeting also discussed  challenges impeding  achievement of peace  and sufferings of displaced people and the refugees, said the press statement  

 It  added that the two sides  discussed  issues of the trade unions  and importance of reaching consensus over law preserving  heritages  of the trade unions movement  and  the service issues that related to social justice .  

The  statement stated that the purpose of the meeting was  to exchange views  over how to address the challenges  and the deviations that accompanied implementation  of the revolution  demands.

The press statement said a climate of frankness and openness  in discussing  the issues  prevailed the meeting and that the two sides  agreed to continue dialogue and follow up  implementation of the outcome of the meeting  with purpose  to reach  to what serving the interest of the  public  of the Sudanese people.