PM: There are big opportunities for investors in Sudan


PM: There are big opportunities for investors in Sudan

Prime Minister Dr. Abdalla Hamdok addressed  the French, European and international business forum held in Paris today.

Hamdok said "we have always said that Sudan is a rich country and does not need grants and donations. Rather, it needs investment that creates job opportunities for our youth, and we want to see real investments that come to our country and work with us."

The Prime Minister explained that there are many real business opportunities that can yield big profits, stressing his desire to see international investments flow into Sudan, adding that Sudan can provide big opportunities in this regard.

Hamdok said that Sudan is witnessing multiple transitions from dictatorship to democracy, from war to peace, from economic crises to prosperity, and from isolation to global integration, and that Sudan offers great opportunities in the sectors of agriculture, oil, telecommunications, infrastructure and many other fields

The Prime Minister said that the geographical location of Sudan makes it a neighbor to seven African countries and Investing in Sudan enhances opportunities for youth, so that young people see opportunities for prosperity in Sudan and the rest of the continent.

He expressed welcome to the French, European and international businesspersons in Sudan to create investments that benefit all.