Paris Conference on Sudan starts sessions


Paris Conference on Sudan starts sessions

The sessions of the Paris Conference to support the Democratic Transition in Sudan which aims at realization of the full normalization of Sudan’s relations with the international community started, Monday, in the French capital of Paris.

 The conference will also, brief the foreign investors, the private sector and the bankers on the economic reforms being carried out by Sudan’s government to create investment opportunities in public and private sectors.

 The State of France announced the provision of and a half billion dollars in aid support to Sudan to strengthen the partnership between the two countries.

The French Finance Minister addressing the inaugural session, called on the investors and companies participating in the conference to return to Sudan and invest in it to contribute to debt settlement efforts.

He stressed that more efforts should be made to bring resources to support Sudan and to stand with it step by step.

“France will contribute to enhancing the skills and the necessary steps in the fields of increasing electrical production and strengthening public administration, so that the environment is vital to improving the business and economic structure and continuing the economic reforms initiated by the transitional government” He stressed.

He revealed the French support to the Sudanese people to realize their prosperity, adding that his country has earlier donated 60 million euro in support of the Sudan’s Family Program.