Hamdouk Congratulates on World Press Freedom Day


Hamdouk Congratulates on World Press Freedom Day

The Prime Minister, Dr. Abdalla Hamdouk, congratulated all journalists, media professionals and bloggers on the World Press Freedom Day, which coincides with May 3rd every year, considering that “it is pride to us as Sudanese that we have put freedom as a base for the triangle of the slogan of the December revolution (freedom, peace, and justice).

He wrote on his Facebook page on the occasion of the International Press Day, that there is no room neither for the return of confiscations and suspensions of newspapers, nor for arbitrary arrest and prosecution of journalists without legal basis in the era of Sudan of the revolution,

Dr. Hamdouk stated that the people of the press, the media, and the new media have suffered extra-legal killings, arrests, bans, confiscations and prosecutions, without any legal justification, considering that as an inability to understand the meaning and importance of the other opinion and its role in the process of criticism, evaluation and correcting the path.

He called on all to unite rank to overcome the challenges and to reach an advanced position in the freedom of the press in an era of change and free spaces, pointing to the importance of the commitment to responsibility, credibility and the improving performance, which are the criteria that govern journalistic work.