Hamdok addresses Gum Arabic Forum, stresses importance of sustainable development


Hamdok addresses Gum Arabic Forum, stresses importance of sustainable development

Prime Minister Dr. Abdalla Hamdok has affirmed at the opening session of the First Forum on Gum Arabic in Al-Obeid, capital of North Kordofan State, that the area is rich with resources a matter that encourages investments and formation of partnerships for increasing production for the benefit of the citizens of the area and the Sudan as a whole besides the investors who seek a good return.

The Prime Minister affirmed that the transitional government gives great concern to the issue of sustainable development, saying that democracy and durable peace cannot be complete without economic and social stability besides sustainable development.

 “We always say that rapid economic interventions, carrying out reforms and mitigating their effects on citizens are among the most important goals of the transitional government, within the framework of strategic visions aimed at building a solid ground for structural transformation that is linked to industrialization and value chains associated in their role to our natural resources in the five developmental belts, of which gum arabic is one, that represent Sudan's unique diversity for achieving balanced and equitable development,” Dr. Hamdok said.

He stressed the importance of adding value to the gum Arabic crop, pointing out that it should not be exported in a raw form, calling for adoption of modern means of production in a view to increasing production as well as supporting the produces to increase their income.

The Prime Minister indicated that the desired economic transformation and sustainable development would not take place without a mechanism to develop crops trade through agricultural crop bourses and linking the local producer to the international market.

Dr. Hamdok concluded that the Sudanese dream, in which we all participated in shaping its features after the victory of the glorious December Revolution, we must all contribute to making it a tangible reality.a