Dr. Hamdouk Launches Thamarat Program


Dr. Hamdouk Launches Thamarat Program

The Prime Minister Dr. Abdullah Hamdouk affirmed that addressing of the people's livelihood and ending the living distress is the most important goal of the transitional government.

Addressing a celebration marking start of the registration for (Thamarat) program for support to families at Jebel-Aulia Locality on Wednesday, Dr. Hamdouk said that Thamarat program the Thamarat program is one of the important programs that are launched by the transitional government to achieve the goals of the glorious December revolution, stressing that the program will be include all the states of Sudan.

He indicated that the delay in launching the Thamarat program came for further arrangement and investigation in order to achieve its goals.

The Prime Minister has praised the regional and international partners, international organizations and citizens for their support to this program, calling on the concerned state organs to work and cooperate to achieve the programs of the goals of the revolution, stressing that the program needs unity of all efforts to so that the citizen enjoys security, well-being and prosperity.

He pointed out that the transitional government is going through a complex transition from an authoritarian rule to a democratic rule and from war to peace for building the nation’s state and the citizen.

It is worth noting that Sudan signed in May in last year a memorandum of understanding with the United Nations World Food Program to fund the government family support program that will provide Sudanese families with direct cash transfers.