Hamdouk addresses the police leaders


Hamdouk addresses the police leaders

Prime Minister, Dr. Abdalla Hamdouk has reiterated the government’s commitment to implement Juba Peace Agreement and to work for expanding the base of the signatories by joining Abdel Wahid Nur and Abdel Aziz Al-Hilo factions.

 In his speech after inspecting the Ministry of Interior units and addressing the leaders of the police units at the Police Club today, he stressed the need for the police forces to play their role in protecting civilians, especially in Darfur state, in order to fill the security vacuum that may result after the departure of UNAMID.

He said the transitional period is moving forward despite, the difficulties facing it, calling for maintaining of the partnership between the military and civilian components to protect the country.
The Prime Minister, has lauded role  of police  in heightening  principles of the  glorious  December Revolution, protecting the citizens security  and prevailing  the social  peace.  He added  during his inspection visit  to the Interior Ministry Monday , that the police forces are carrying out a huge work  and important for the state  and  the society unkown for the ordinary people  and that it is necessary  for the media to display that 

 He emphasized  that  Sudan’s openness  and its return to e international community would  bring  huge international support , pointing out that the police share  from that support would be big one  so that  they gain   privileges that  they have been  deprived  from them during the defunct regime and that opportunities of training  and  qualifying  of  its personnel in outside the country  so as  that  the police  be able to carry out  its full  tasks with high efficiency.