Dr. Hamdouk, Heads the first session of Sudan's peace Cabinet


Dr. Hamdouk, Heads the first session of Sudan's peace Cabinet

The Prime Minister, Dr. Abdalla Hamdouk, has congratulated the new ministers for accepting the mandate.

Addressing the new minister after they take oath Wednesday, Dr. Hmdouk said that the second cabinet of the great revolution comes at a time of very complex circumstances and great economic and security challenges.

He explained that the new cabinet came after a discussion that lasted for months and represented the widest political alliance that has the ability to save the country and to lay down the bases to protect the country from the evils of collapse and slipping into the fate of the peoples around us.

The Prime Minister indicated that the Cabinet’s program for the coming period aims to address the basic issues in the country, top of which are the security and economic challenge, in addition to achieving a smooth transition and establishing a stable democratic system to move for safety.

After the oath taking, the new cabinet held a meeting headed by the Prime Minister, Dr. Abdalla Hamdouk, who said that the new ministerial formation came at a time when the country is witnessing several challenges and extremely complex circumstances, which necessitates taking into account the challenges ahead, top of which are the security and economic challenge relating to the citizen's living conditions, in addition to other challenges of peace, justice, foreign relations and the reform of the civil and military institutions in the state, calling for work in the spirit of one team.

The Council of Ministers decided to start work immediately to confront the challenges, especially those relating to the security conditions in the country and the implications of the economic crisis pertinent to the provision of bread, gas and fuel and services to the citizens.

The Council of Ministers has given a directive on formation of two work teams, one is headed by the Prime Minister, Dr. Abdalla Hamdouk and the membership of the Ministers of the Cabinet Affairs, Finance Economic Planning, Energy and Trade, and the Wali (governor) of Khartoum State to find as soon as possible solutions to the challenge the queues of bread, fuel and gas  for alleviating the suffering of the citizen, and another work team from the Ministers of Interior, Justice and Federal Government to review the recent events in a number of states.

The Cabinet Affairs Minister, Khalid Omar Yousif, affirmed that the government belongs to the revolution and will work to achieve its goals, explaining that they will work to complete what their colleagues in the departing government have started.

This diversity and representation in the new government will increase by completing the stages of the peace process, indicating that the diversity in the Council of Ministers is based on integration and consensus, adding that the government will adhere in the coming period to the highest standards of transparency with the Sudanese people