Hamdouk: Only Revolution Enemies will Benefit from Fragmentation


Hamdouk: Only Revolution Enemies will Benefit from Fragmentation

The Prime Minister, Dr. Abdalla Hamdouk, has stressed the importance of consensus between the forces of the revolution on formation of the new government according to the agreed criteria, stating that only the enemies of the revolution will benefit from the splitting.
During his meeting Monday with a delegation of the Civilian Forces Alliance, Dr. Hamdouk affirmed the importance of having a program that contributes to pushing ahead the transition process in the coming period to achieve the goals of the revolution for achieving democratic transformation and implementing comprehensive peace and economic reform.

In a press statement, the member of the Civilian Forces Alliance, Mohamed Al-Ashraf Mohamed Ahmed, said that the delegation has expressed the alliance view on the agreement on an integrated vision to solve the current political and economic crisis.
He said that the alliance presented to the Prime Minister its vision on a program vision for political and economic reform in the coming period.

Al-Ashraf pointed out that the alliance has stressed the necessity of adherence to the criteria of competence and qualification in the selection of ministers for the new government far away from the method of political quotas.

The member of the Civilian Forces Alliance, Rania Salah, indicated that the meeting dealt with issues of the democratic transition as well as the issue of nominations for the new government, stressing importance of the commitment to the criteria agreed upon in the ministerial selection process, especially the competency standard.
She called for increasing the women participation in the new cabinet formation