Dr. Hamdouk addresses UN Conference on Peace building Fund


Dr. Hamdouk addresses UN Conference on Peace building Fund

Prime Minister, Dr. Abdalla Hamdouk, on Tuesday, addressed the virtual UN Conference on Peace building Fund.

Dr. Hamdouk thanked the UN represented in its Secretary General, Antonio Guterres for inviting him to participate in the conference, referring that it gives the humanity the hope and opportunity to invest in peace building.

He underlined that the world continues to be faced by many challenges, complicated by the COVID-19 pandemic as the greatest test the international community has faced since the Second World War. A test for unity, solidarity and a demonstration of our shared commitment to multilateralism and our global partnership, despite these challenging times

“After the heroic revolution in Sudan, on the top of the priorities of the Transitional Government was peacemaking and peace building. Putting an end to six and a half decades of conflict that caused the suffering of my people was one of the slogans enshrined in our great revolution: freedom, PEACE and Justice” He said..

 The Prime Minister said Sudan remains the key partner to the United Nations. Up until December 31st, the Horn of Africa hosted 4 peacekeeping missions, two of them operated in Sudan. Instead of chapter VII peacekeeping missions, we requested a chapter VI specialized political mission that would work hand in hand with the government to lay the foundations for democratic transformation good governance, justice and the rule of law and sustainable development.

Hamdouk explained that the national governments, through joint cooperation, can prevent the root causes of borders conflicts, illegal migration and the cross-border crimes.

He stressed that the current Conference affirms the commitment of member states to the UN’s peace building fund that both beneficiaries and donors reaping the fruits of concerted efforts to help each other achieving the desired peace and the aspirations of our people for Peace, Freedom and Justice.