Hamdouk: Urgent Measures to Solve Fuel and Electricity Crises


Hamdouk: Urgent Measures to Solve Fuel and Electricity Crises

The Prime Minister, Dr. Abdalla Hamdouk, announced that series measures taken to solve the crises in benzene and gasoline supplies through adoption of the recent experiment to re-price fuel and to impose immediate sanctions on the violating distribution companies as well as reactivating work of the strategic commodities’ committee.

He indicated that his meeting Monday at the Ministry of Energy and Mining with a number of ministers, the General Intelligence Service, the Police Forces and the Wali (governor) of Khartoum State, the Strategic Commodities Budget discussed the acute fuel supply crises of fuel, high prices, long queues, electricity power, cooking and bread and agreed on finding direct solutions and distribution of duties to solve these crises.

 Dr. Hamdouk stated that the strategic commodities committee will be reactivated to operate until solution of the crises, adding that agreement was reached to find urgent solution for the benzene and gasoline crises by adopting the former experiment of re-pricing, imposing punishments on the distribution companies that do not live up to their commitments and providing facts and information to the citizens as soon as possible, hoping that the benzene and gasoline crisis will end completely by re-operation of Khartoum Oil Refinery after its maintenance for the first time since the year 2015.

On the electricity prices, he referred to an agreement which was achieved on adoption of a package of measures to provide subsidized furnace by the Strategic Commodities Budget and the Ministry of Finance, besides providing the required spare-parts a getting informed on the hydroelectricity generation toward ensuring stable electricity supply during the holy month of Ramadan and the summer season.

He expressed the government ambition for openness to the world and to work after the lifting of sanctions on Sudan towards establishing strategic projects.

The Prime Minister pointed out that his visit to the Ministry of Energy and Mining marks the beginning of a follow-up process with all sectors in the country with the aim to address all the problems, shortcomings and challenges.