Dr. Hamdok stresses the importance of the FFC unity and cohesion


Dr. Hamdok stresses the importance of the FFC unity and cohesion

 The Transitional Prime Minister, Dr .Abdalla Hamdouk has stressed the necessity for unity and cohesion of the Declaration of Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC).

 This came when Dr. Hamdouk met, Sunday, at his office,in the Council of Ministers, the delegation of  (9+1) Group which includes a number of the FFC components in the context of the consultations on the current political, economic and security developments in the country.

 THE Prime Minister outlined that the process of the election of the new cabinet will be based on the standards agreed upon by all the parties including the experience, the experiment and the just representation of woman.

Ustaz, Mohammed Wedaa said in press statement that the delegation presented its vision on how to overcome the security and economic crisis which requested the presence of strong government that represents wide sector of the FFC.

“Dr. Hamdouk affirmed the observations made by the Group delegation on how the government is elected” He said

Ustaz, Mohammed Esmat thanked Dr. Hamdouk for the invitation. for consultation on the current developments in the country, explaining that the meeting discussed the forthcoming cabinet reshuffle and the unity and cohesion of the FFC as a political incubator, besides, the other incubator represented in the Parties of the peace process.