Hamdok forms national committee for curricula review


Hamdok forms national committee for curricula review

 Prime Minister Dr. Abdalla Hamdok issued a decision today in accordance with the provisions of the Constitutional Document for the Transitional Period, 2019 and at the recommendation of Education Minister Prof. Mohamed Al-Amin Al-Tom forming a national committee for reviewing the new curricula, under the chairmanship of Dean of the Faculty of Education of Ahfad University Prof. Salah Mohamed Al-Amin.

The committee comprises Head of Curricula Department, Faculty of Education, University of Khartoum, Dr. Hanan Mohamed Osman Al-Fadhlabi as Rapporteur and a number of experts, academicians and representatives of teachers as members.

The committee is tasked with making sure that every subject has been prepared by a specialized committee and that each subject actively contributes to achieving the goals of quality education in addition to making sure that the preparation of the new curriculum has adhered to professional and national standards, and that the new curriculum is teachable.

This decision comes in the context of the educational curricula reform process, as it is one of the most important goals of the Revolution and it is necessary that it shall be carried out according to the known scientific bases in preparing curricula in a manner that takes into account the cultural, religious, civilizational and historical diversity of Sudan and the requirements of education in the modern era.

 This in addition to fact that the transitional period the country is going through is a stage of consensus on the bases of reconstruction and rehabilitation of a Sudan that accommodates all, in which “we can, with good management of our diversity, gain strength and cohesion that helps us to cross this critical period in the country's history,” according to what was stated in the Prime Minister's statement on January 7.