Britain's stance in support of the transitional government and democratic transform


Britain's stance in support of the transitional government and democratic transform

 Prime Minister Dr. Abdalla Hamdok has affirmed keenness of  Sudan to develop and strengthen cooperation with the United Kingdom in a way that reflects the spirit of the long-standing friendship between the two peoples and the two countries.

 This came when Hamdok met today at his office UK Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Dominic Raab during his historic visit to Sudan, the first of its kind in a decade, in the presence of the Minister of Cabinet Affairs Ambassador Omer Manis, acting Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Omer Gammer-Eddin and acting Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Dr. Hiba Mohamed Ali.

The Prime Minister expressed his appreciation and that of the Sudanese people for Britain's stance in support of the Sudanese Revolution, praising Britain's role towards the peace process in the country, as well as its role within the framework of the Sudan Partners Group.

The Prime Minister affirmed that the government would press ahead with implementing the programs and projects of the transitional period and preparing the country for democratic practice.

The two sides also affirmed during the meeting the two countries ’desire to renew the spirit of friendship and restore cooperation between them in the economic, diplomatic and cultural fields.

The UK Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs conveyed to the Prime Minister during the meeting affirmation of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson of support for the transitional government and his congratulations on achieving peace and removing Sudan from the list of countries sponsoring terrorism and its integration into the international community.

The British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, also expressed admiration and appreciation of the United Kingdom for the glorious December Revolution, and for the development that took place in the country at the various levels under the leadership of Prime Minister Dr. Abdalla Hamdok.

The meeting discussed developing prospects for cooperation between Sudan and the United Kingdom in the various fields.

It also reviewed all issues related to the transitional period and realizing the goals of the glorious December Revolution, foremost among which is the implementation of the peace agreement and economic reform and the desired role of Sudan's partners in the international community.