Hamdouk welcomes holding of Societal Dialogue in West Darfur


Hamdouk welcomes holding of Societal Dialogue in West Darfur

The Transitional Prime Minister, Dr .Abdalla Hamdouk met, at his office, Wednesday, the Wali (Governor) of West Darfur State, Mohammed Abdalla Al-Duma and reviewed with him the overall situations in the state.

The governor said in press statements that the sate enjoys stable security situations, for the first time, due to the new ideas presented by the state including the societal dialogue which received wide response by all the components of the state.

He pointed out that the deployment of the regular forces in all parts of the state was, mainly, meant to protect the civilians, but it further, included the securing of the agricultural season.

“The meeting discussed, among other issues, the ongoing arrangements for holding the societal dialogue leading to the National building conference to discuss the community issues in the state” e indicated.

He underlined that Dr .Hamdouk welcomed the holding of the National building conferences  as they are considered new ideas that will contribute to solving different issues.