Dr . Hamdouk Appreciates EU stance supporting Sudan


Dr . Hamdouk Appreciates EU stance supporting Sudan

The Transitional Prime Minister, Dr . Abdalla Hamdouk, on Wednesday, affirmed Sudan’s keenness to cement cooperation with EU to guarantee peace and stability in the country and the region , appreciating the EU stances towards the government of the Transitional Period.

This came when the Prime Minister met, at his office the visiting the EU Crisis Management Commissioner, Janez Linarcic in the presence of the  Acting Ministers of Labor and Foreign Affairs.

Hamdouk, during the meeting affirmed the keenness of the Transitional Government to realize comprehensive and just peace and overcome the existing challenges including the economic crisis, combating the COVID-9 pandemic and strengthening coordination with the EU on mechanisms for tackling the issue of the influxes of the Ethiopian refugees.

Minister of labor, Lena Al-Sheikh, on her part, said the joint press statement that the delegation Chairman confirmed the EU support to the government to realize the goals of the transitional period, explaining that the delegation expressed deep thank to the full cooperation of Sudan with the international community concerning the delivery of the relief assistances to the needy in different areas.

“ The delegation expressed pleasure over the full cooperation of Sudan government with the international community” She said.

The EU official underlined the EU commitment to partnership with Sudan for supporting peace in Sudan and the neighboring countries, especially, Ethiopia, appreciating the Prime Minister, Dr .Abdalla Hamdouk , the Chairman of the current IGAD , session for seeking  peaceful solution for the Ethiopian conflict.

Janez expressed the EU appreciation to the “open door” policy adopted by Sudan with regard to hosting the Ethiopian refugees fleeing the armed conflict in Tigray.