Dr. Hamdouk Chairs Renaissance Dam Emergency Meeting


Dr. Hamdouk Chairs Renaissance Dam Emergency Meeting

The Higher Committee on Renaissance Dam Negotiations chaired by the Prime Minister, Dr. Abdulla Hamdouk held a meeting, Sunday, at the Council of Ministers the participation of Ministers of Justice, Interior, Foreign Affairs, Irrigation , in addition to the Director of General Intelligence Service, Representative of  the Military Intelligence and the negotiation team.

The meeting assured the stances taken by the negotiation team and the assessment of the delegation to the progress of the negotiations and the recent developments in t he region and its impact on the negotiations.

The meeting stressed the necessity for maintaining the Sudanese national interests and the continuation of communication with all the parties to amend the track and the method of the negotiations to give t5he experts and the observers greater role to help the three parties to reach binding, legal and acceptable agreement that preserves the interests of the three countries.

The Prime Minister  stressed that Rosseires Dam is directly affected by everything that happens in the Renaissance Dam and cannot be operated safely without reaching an agreement.

The Acting Foreign Minister, Omar Gamar Edeen said the meeting deliberated on the developments concerning Sudan’s recent position on the Renaissance Dam negotiations, explaining that refused to participate in yesterday’s negotiations because they are useless, describing the country’s stance as clear and serious. He confirmed the continuation of the consultation on the next steps.

Minister of Irrigation and Water Resources, Prof. Yasser Abbas told reporters that the recent rounds of negotiations did not bridge the gap between the three countries, stressing the necessary for changing the negotiation method to make a breakthrough allowing negotiations to proceed.