Meeting of the Supreme Committee of the Renaissance Dam


Meeting of the Supreme Committee of the Renaissance Dam

The Prime Minister, Dr. Abdullah Hamdouk, chaired Today Sunday 8 November 2020 the Supreme Committee to follow up the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam file meeting

The meeting discussed a report submitted by the committee's rapporteur, Mr. Yasser Abbas, Minister of Irrigation and Water Resources, in which he clarified that the three countries ’agree to end the last round of negotiations sponsored by the African Union on November 4, due to the lack of agreement on the negotiation methodology and the role of the AU experts

The meeting assured Sudan's position calling for reaching a satisfactory and binding convention for the three countries under the African Union umbrella, but with a new methodology which gives a greater role to the African Union experts in the negotiation
process. The meeting also ensured the need to reach a deal to ensure the safe operation of the Rossaires dam, which is a short distance from the Grand Renaissance Dam.

The Supreme Committee will work to support the Sudanese negotiating position to reach a satisfactory and binding agreement on the first filling and operation of the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.