The Supreme National Committee for the Success the Agricultural Season holds a meeting


The Supreme National Committee for the Success the Agricultural Season holds a meeting

The Minister of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Eng. Abdel Qader Turkawi, chaired today at the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers the Supreme National Committee for the success of the agricultural season. The meeting discussed the position of  the preliminary preparing for the winter agricultural season in terms of providing the necessary funding, stressing the role of the private sector in financing and developing the agricultural sector in the country. The Minister of Agriculture stressed the need to make more efforts to increase production and productivity, pointing out that the financing process for the summer season and the provision of production inputs for the winter season was done with pure Sudanese resources.

For his part, Dr. Omar Mohamed Marzouq, Governor of the Gezira project, said that the corn harvesting operations began with an area estimated at 9 thousand feddans out of a total of 350 thousand feddans of the corn crop, while the representative of the Agricultural Bank confirmed that the financing policies for the agricultural season are related to indicative areas and are the basis of financing, indicating that there are crops Staples that have been emphasized, such as wheat, sunflower, onion, and potato

The meeting assured that the agricultural production inputs have priority after fulfilling the requirements through the various sea, air and land crossings, stressing the importance of setting the necessary arrangements to protect the agricultural seasons and all the different harvest operations.

The meeting recommended addressing all the problems facing the private sector in agriculture, appreciating its role in working to provide agricultural machinery and inputs through smart partnerships.