Hamdouk receives the national strategy for gum Arabic


Hamdouk receives the national strategy for gum Arabic

The Prime Minister, Dr. Abdullah Hamdouk, received the National Strategy for Gum Arabic and Other Natural Glues (2020 - 2030), which was handed over to his Excellency Mr. Hassan Othman Abdel Nour, Chairman of the Technical Committee of the National Experts Group, to prepare a comprehensive and governing strategy for all institutions, agencies and sectors related to gum Arabic and other glues in the country

The committee was formed last February, commissioned by the Minister of Cabinet Affairs, Ambassador Omar Manis - Chairman of the Supreme Committee of the Gum Belt Reconstruction Project. The strategy proposed (9) strategic objectives, (15) interim goals, in addition to (45) proposed projects and (26)

The strategic objectives also included the rehabilitation and development of the gum Arabic sector and raising the competitive capabilities of the national raw and manufactured products in the national, regional and global market, by the gradual and rational transformation of the country's exports from the raw gum commodity to the fully manufactured gum within a five-year period of the strategy’s life.

The strategic objectives also revolved around the survey and planning of land use in the belt, solving the problem of land holdings and legalization, in addition to raising the capacities of local communities to sustain the production of gum Arabic, and strengthening the role of the gum Arabic belt in achieving environmental balance and rural development for gum Arabic producers and the rationalization of gum Arabic.

The Prime Minister affirmed what was mentioned in the strategy and its inclusion in aspects of practical research, export, production and manufacturing, due to the importance of Sudan as a country of origin for gum Arabic for a long time, and the meeting also stressed the need for the Cabinet to approve this strategy as a governing document in order to contribute to the development of the production environment and industries of gum Arabic and other gum