Prime Minister Receives Text of Peace Agreement


Prime Minister Receives Text of Peace Agreement

South Sudan mediation delegation Wednesday handed the text of the peace agreement to Prime Minister, Dr. Abdulla Hamdouk.

The Cabinet Affairs Minister, ambassador Omer Bashir Manis, said that South Sudan's mediation delegation which included the Advisor Tut Gulwak, the Rapporteur of the mediation Committee, Dhio Mattok, the Minister of Investment in South Sudan, the Ambassador of the Republic of South Sudan to Khartoum, Cao Tech, and Ramadan Mohamed Abdalla, has handed the Prime Minister the text of the peace agreement signed on October 3 in Juba, prior to the start of the agreement’s implementation.

The advisor Gulwak said that meeting was held in the framework of consultations with the Sudanese leadership in the Sovereignty Council and the Council of Ministers regarding implementation of the peace agreement according to the agreed upon timetables.

He explained that their meeting with the Prime Minister also discussed resumption the dialogue between the transitional government and Sudan Liberation Movement -North led by Abdul-Aziz Adam Al-Hillu, indicating that a workshop will be held on October 21 in Juba with participation of experts from Sudan and the peace partners regarding in preparation for resumption of the dialogue, adding that "the recommendations of this workshop will be implemented on the ground.

Gulwak has congratulated the Sudanese people on the achievement of the peace agreement stating that achieving peace and stability in Sudan is a gain for both the Republic of South Sudan, stressing that “we are one people in two countries