Hamdouk confirms his support for the programs of South Darfur state


Hamdouk confirms his support for the programs of South Darfur state

The Prime Minister, Dr. Abdullah Hamdouk, stressed the transitional government’s support for services and development programs in South Darfur state.
This came when he met today with the Governor of South Darfur, Mr. Musa Mahdi Ishaq, who stated  in a press statement that he briefed the Prime Minister on the security, political and economic conditions in the state.

Mr. Musa indicated that the security stability of the state, referred to the efforts of the regular forces and the State Security Committee.

The governor explained that all components of society in the state, including civil society organizations, the civil administration and the resistance committees, work in harmony and in complete coordination with the different state bodies

Ishaq noted that the meeting discussed measures to reduce the burden of living on citizens, especially with regard to establishing Commodity portfolio and direct sales to citizens.
He added that the Prime Minister was acquainted with the development programs in the state and future plans. He stated that the meeting was stands on the success of the agricultural season in the state thanks to the fall of this year.

 The governor pointed out that the meeting dealt with the state’s efforts in pest control, and that the state’s Ministry of Agriculture had sent a plane to combat pests. He also briefed the Prime Minister on the challenges facing the state, represented in completing the Nyala-El Fasher road, how to accomplish the Baggara basin water, water harvesting and the construction of dams in the valleys in order to improve the water supply in the state.

The meeting also touched on the ministerial formation in the state, which included four women from a total of six ministries.
The governor noted the fact that this is considered a victory for Sudanese women who are characterized by high competence and ability, which confirms that Sudanese women still have more to offer to their society and people.

The Wali added that the meeting touched on the need to return the railway line to the state of South Darfur, as it is a productive state and has an impact on the Sudanese economy, and that this saves and reduces the value of deportation, and maximizes the benefit from the added value, especially with regard to exports