Hamdouk: Constitutional Conference is Duty that was Delayed for 65 Years


Hamdouk: Constitutional Conference is Duty that was Delayed for 65 Years

Prime Minister Dr. Abdalla Hamdouk, has stressed the importance of the Constitutional National Conference as a duty that has been delayed for 65 years.

This came in his address to a meeting organized by Sudan Social Development Organization (SUDO) Saturday morning which was aimed to prepare for the people for participating in the National Constitutional Conference.

The Prime Minister praised the initiative of the Sudan Social Development Organization (SUDO) for building the new Sudan and its future thinking, which reflects the important role that civil society and its partners for planning for the future with the eyes of the past and the thought of the present.

Dr. Hamdouk he Prime stressed the importance of reaching the desired Sudan, indicating that this can not be done in vain or improvisation, but rather according to preparation for the grass roots and the broad popular participation for achieving a constitutional conference that brings together all the people of Sudan of different colors, sects, regions, languages, and places.

He explained that the constitution-making process is an ongoing process that accompanies all issues, affirming the importance of differentiating between the constitution-making process and the issues of the Constitutional Conference which shall both go in parallel.
Commenting to the discussion on formation of a commission for the constitution-making and the constitutional conference, the Prime Minister said that the ideal way for Sudan is to achieve peace at the beginning, and then to come all to participate in the constitution-making process, therefore, the government did not form the commission so that the armed struggle movements could participate in it along with all the forces of people.

The Prime Minister indicated that the historical experience in Sudan has focused on discussing issues of rights, freedoms and duties only, and neglected development issues, adding that it is important for the constitutional conference to discuss issues such as the relationship between religion and the state, the language, human rights, freedoms and citizenship, and to move ahead to discuss the issues of the development project in a way that addresses issues stability, people's livelihood, marginalization, and unbalanced development,