Hamdok addresses the peace agreement signing ceremony


Hamdok addresses the peace agreement signing ceremony

The Prime Minister, Dr. Abdalla Hamdouk, has pledged to manage a fruitful dialogue about the ways to overcome the grievances of the past and to achieve a stable governance that ensures justice, equality, balanced development, and the fair participation for all the Sudanese people in managing the affairs of their country.

Addressing the celebration held Monday in Juba to mark the initial signing of the peace agreement between Sudan government and the Revolutionary Front, Dr. Hamdouk pointed out that the peace agreement’s accomplishment marks the lay down of the bases for establishing the new Sudanese state, surpassing the differences and bitterness of the past and moving to discuss issues of the future.

He said that this agreement has opened the door for approaching a difficult and long road that the Sudanese people can pass and implement together, stressing the need to put the interests of the nation and the people in mind.

Hamdouk directed a message to the leader of Sudan People’s Liberation Movement, Commander Abdul Aziz Adam Al-Hillo. and the leader Sudan Liberation Movement, Abdul-Wahid Mohamed Nour, that the government is waiting for them, especially that most of the issues have been discussed.

He stressed the importance of the participation Al-Hillo and Abdul-Wahid in this peace process for reaching a comprehensive national agreement that guarantees completion of the peace building and stability in the country.

Hamdouk also directed a message to the Sudanese people that this peace is a common responsibility that shall be beard by all.