Cabinet Welcomes Pompeo's Remarks to Remove Sudan from the Terrorism List


Cabinet Welcomes Pompeo's Remarks to Remove Sudan from the Terrorism List

The Sudan on Saturday welcomed remarks by the US Secretary of the States in which the American official noted that lifting the name of Sudan from the terrorism list would be beneficiary to the American Foreign interests

In a statement it issued Saturday  the Sudanese Transitional Council of Ministers has welcomed the remarks by US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, last Thursday, in which he renewed US administration's desire to remove Sudan from the list of states accused of sponsoring international terrorism

A statement carried by the official news agency said Sudanese government welcomes that statement made by the American official and promised to do its level best to meet the requirements that would help the administration takes a positive action

The Council of Ministers also praised the role of the Foreign Relations Committee of the US Congress and Senator Chris coons, who urged the US Administration to back the civilian government in the Sudan led by Prime Minister Hamdouk

The Council of Ministers said Sudan is ready to continue working with the American administration on how to create the climate that would end up with removing the name of the Sudan from the infamous list.

The statement has meanwhile quoted the Prime Minister, Dr. Hamdouk, as reaffirming his commitment to continue exerting efforts with all friends in the United States and abroad to close down the file and fully move the Sudan to be part of the international community