The UNITAMS committee deliberats on its plan and methodology


The UNITAMS committee deliberats on its plan and methodology

 The Executive Committee for Coordination with the United Nations Integrated Transition Assistance Mission In Sudan Mission in Sudan (UNITAMS) held a meeting Sunday, at the Secretariat General of the Council of Ministers, headed by the Minister of the Cabinet Affairs and Supervisor of the Committee Ambassador Omar Bashir Manis.

The meeting stressed importance of the mission's role in assisting political transition, progress toward democratic rule, protection of human rights as well as the sustainable peace. It also touched the UNITAMS role in supporting peace operations, future agreements, civilians’ protection, the rule of law and mobilization of the economic and development assistance, and coordination of the humanitarian assistance.

The meeting also deliberated on the plan and method of the committee’s work represented in the tight and direct coordination between the government of Sudan and the UNITAMS mission at the federal and state levels in its fields of work. It also touched on the detemination of Sudan’s needs in accordance with what was stated by the Sudanese government’s letter to the United Nations on the twenty-seventh of last February.

The meeting underscored the speedy implementation of the technical obligations and the development of all aids and ways to make the tasks required for the work of the committee successful