Cabinet Stressing on Securing of Peaceful Sit-Ins


Cabinet Stressing on Securing of Peaceful Sit-Ins

The Council of Ministers has confirmed the right of every citizen to sit-in, the right of secure of all peaceful sit-ins and to provide it with protection, and to hear to the complaints of the protesters.

The Minister of Culture and Information, the government’s spokesman, Faisal Mohammed Salih, noted in a press statement following the cabinet meeting today, that the meeting had asked mercy for the souls of the martyrs of the incidents of Fataperno, in North Darfur State, wishing a speedy recovery for the wounded and the injured.

He attributed delay of the government's declared response to the absence of the state’s governor indicating understandings taken with the center, and the set of measures taken flowing the return of the governor.

He added that the Prime Minister has tackled during the meeting what has been achieved of the promises made to the citizens, including the changing of the police leadership, pointing to the work in preparing the new police and internal security laws.

The government’s spokesman pointed out the incidents in area of Fataperno, stressing it is completely different from what had happened in other areas, such as Nertati, where there is a peaceful sit-in, and the government early movement for its securing and discussing the demands with the components and the coordinative committee inside the sit-in, with the immediate response to the demands of the state’s core duties, in addition to the agreement on the demands related to the peace process and the comprehensive development program in Darfur agreed on in the peace agreement.

The Minister of Culture and Information, the government’s spokesman, Faisal Mohammed Salih, stressed on the difference between what happened in Kutum and what happened in Fataperno, stating that a delegation led by the Secretary-General of the Government of North Darfur state paid visit to the sit-in area, while some of the members of sit-in coordinative committee were not satisfied with the delegation’s meeting with nomads, and they made barricades to prevent the delegation enter upon its return to Kutum, he pointed to frictions between occurred between the police and the youth, and the delegation's cars were chased, which led them to seek refuge in the police station, which was burned with about 14 cars.

He added that these incident violated the peacefulness of the sit-in, stressing that some perpetrators did not want the sit-in to peacefully continue those whom attacked the civilians, burned of some areas in the market and some houses, which resulted in the killing of ten martyrs and a number of wounded.

The government’s spokesman admitted the clear security dereliction, and the state’s responsibility, pointing to the decisions issued for investigating this negligence, and pursue of the aggressors to bring them to justice, the securing of the area of Fetaperno and the agricultural season, securing the farms, evacuating the farms from the new occupiers and handing them over to the farmers, with the formation of a joint security force from all the regular forces