National Mechanism Discusses Civilians Protection Matrix


National Mechanism Discusses Civilians Protection Matrix

The Cabinet Affairs Minister, THE Supervisor of the National Mechanism for protection of Civilians, Ambassador,  Omar  Manis presided over, Monday, at the Council of Ministers the meeting of the mechanism which deliberated on the Matrix for the National plan for protection of Civilians.

The matrix included a number of axes, top of which, addressing the issues of the displaced and the refugees, mechanisms for resolution of conflicts, disarmament, disintegration and demobilization, violence against woman and child and issues of nomads.

The meeting assured the necessity for speeding up the work of the mechanism team work, establishment of state’s mechanism to be responsible for implementation of the matrix at the level of each state and the intensification of information message.

The Prime Minister has earlier decreed the formation of the Mechanism under supervision of Cabinet Affairs Minister and the Chairmanship of the Interior Minister.