EU Affirms support to Transition Government


EU Affirms support to Transition Government

The European Union delegation has affirmed support to the Transi tional Government expressing readiness to extend the humanitarian aid to the refugees in all parts of the country.

The Chairman of the high-level delegation accompanying the last trip to Sudan in the context of the EU humanitarian airlift designed to support Sudan to combat COVID-19who met, Wednesday, Prime Minister, Dr.Abdulla Hamdouk commended the Sudan’s government stance and its cooperation with the EU and the international community.Meanwhile, the Cabinet Affairs Minister, Omar Manis said the EU delegation accompanied the last EU- flight for extending logistic assistances in the medical field to face the COVID-19 which is financed by the union.

He pointed out that the delegation included the Head of the Swedish Refugee Council, Jean Anglade and Minister of State in the French Foreign Ministry, eleven years after the expulsion of of humanitarian organizations from Sudan by the defunct regime.

Anglade conveyed greetings from the French Prime Minister, Emmanuel Macrn to Dr. Abdalla Hamdouk, expressing their efforts to writ off Sudan’s debts and revocation of its name from the list of the countries sponsoring terrorism.