Meeting of Prime Minister and FFC Leads to Important Decisions


Meeting of Prime Minister and FFC Leads to Important Decisions

Representatives from the Central Council of the Forces for the Declaration of Freedom and Change held an important meeting on Monday evening, 22 June 2020 with the Prime Minister, in the presence of the Minister of the Council of Ministers and the Senior Adviser.

The meeting discussed the challenges facing the transitional period, and the pending issues.

The meeting has asserted the importance of unity of the FFC with its various components in this critical stage of the transitional period, indicating the value of the unity of the professionals Association, welcoming the promising return of the Umma National Party to the FFC after agreeing to form a preparatory committee for the conference of the revolution forces to be held next July.

Regarding the pending issues, it was agreed on the activation and the enforcement of all the matrix’s items and issuing the following decisions:

1- Forming a high-level joint delegation to meet the Revolutionary Front and the Popular Movement led by Al- Hilou and the Sudan Liberation Movement led by Abdul Wahid Mohamed Nour and work for the remove of all obstacles obstruct progress of the peace process.

2- Appointment of the civilian governors soon after conducting the necessary treatments.

3- The immediate start of formation of the Legislative Council, taking into consideration the seats allocated to the Peace Bloc.

4- The joint comprehensive evaluation of the performance of the various ministries, and making the necessary ministerial reforms and amendments.

5- The strict adherence to the specified powers of the various authority structures as stipulated in the constitutional document.

6- The meeting has emphasized the necessity of completing the system of different judicial bodies, achieving justice, and completing the work of the investigation committees in the sit-in by providing the necessary aids to achieve its work.

7 - The meeting gave great attention to the discussion of the current living situation, the rising of prices and its effects on the citizens, for which a number of decisions will be issued to address the easing of the burdens of living, the provision of the necessary commodities, and addressing the drugs’ crisis with the required speed.

8- The meeting has discussed the preparations for the summer agricultural season, and ways to provide the necessary needs for the success of the season, such as financing, fertilizer and fuel.

9- The Meeting has stressed on the government's steps to reintegrate Sudan into the international community through:

a- The ongoing efforts to remove Sudan from the list of state sponsors of terrorism.

b - Full confirmation of the United Nations Mission under the 6th chapter.

c- The Sudan Partners Conference will make an active contribution to pushing forward the projects of development and investment, opening horizons of economic and service cooperation, and the health and education development.

The meeting has affirmed that the memory of the next 30th of June represents a fundamental pillar in the course of the revolution, and a victory for all its values ​​after what happened in the dissolution of the sit-in, paying gratitude to the of the revolution who made great sacrifices for this day.

The meeting has affirmed the right of demonstration, stressing the necessity of adherence to the health measures.