Hamdouck Receives Memorandum from Resistance Committees on peace and local government


Hamdouck Receives Memorandum from Resistance Committees on peace and local government

The Prime Minister Dr. Abdullah Hamdouk has received a memorandum on peace and local government issues from the representatives of a number of resistance committees, expressing the country's immediate need to achieve social peace through continuous dialogue, and the establishment of informative platforms for peace.

During his meeting yesterday at his office with representatives of the resistance committees the PM discussed with them current economic issues of spike of prices, inflation and scarcity of consumer goods, in addition to the health crisis of the corona pandemic, and the worsening of these crises in the states.

The Prime Minister has praised the role of the resistance committees, stressing the joint endeavor and tireless efforts during past period to achieve peace, noting to importance of the meeting, and the efforts of the resistance committees to discuss peace and local governance issues.

He pointed out that the revolution would achieve its goals through the efforts of the resistance committees in different parts of the Sudan, indicating priority of the peace.

Hamdouk has asserted the need for clarity of visions on issues and challenges that give hope, pointing to the efforts made since independence to address the major issues and find a national project that was completed by the glorious December revolution.

He called on the resistance committees to confront counter-revolution forces that work to spread frustration and spread the feeling of not achieving anything, indicating that the overthrowing of the former regime is an important achievement.

He pointed to the government architecture of the peace plan which is followed-up by the various ministries, stressing  there are no red lines in the peace process, and that all problems to be present on the dialogue table, expressing pleasure over the proposals of the resistance committees submitted on local councils, and the local elections.

He indicated that the transitional government is the government of the people which came as a result of a great revolution, noting to the work of the resistance committees should be through strategic consideration of issues.

The representatives of the resistance committees, on their part, have thanked the Prime Minister, stressing the need for strong national will towards the peace issue, the stopping of war as well as achieving social peace, calling for the need to achieve transitional justice and the restructuring of the regular apparatus.

They demanded the necessity of setting emergency plans for all ministries, implementing the principle of transparency in the projects presented, and creating a direct communication channel between the revolution government and the resistance committees.

The representatives of the resistance committees have indicated the participation of a number of the committees’ coordinative bodies in the memorandum, and awaiting the other committees to join, pointing out that the memo has included the issues of Hawakeer, the importance of establishment of the Peace Commission and the other independent commissions to carry out their responsibilities.

They also pointed to the attempts of the elements of the former regime to create disorder of affect the social peace a matter that requires legal prosecution of these elements.