Hamdouk Praises Efforts of Governors in Managing Work in States


Hamdouk Praises Efforts of Governors in Managing Work in States

The Prime Minister, Dr. Abdalla Hamdouk, has praised the efforts made by state governors in managing work in their states under the pending challenges, indicating that the new salary structure is a promise that the transitional government has fulfilled for the state workers in the state, especially in the health and education sectors.

During his meeting Saturday with the Walis (governors) of the states and the ministers of the economic development sector, Dr. Hamdouk said that the Sudan Partners Conference, scheduled in the German capital, Berlin at the end of this June, is concerned with contributing to tackling economic challenges, strengthening Sudan relations with the international community, and building partnerships that meet the aspirations of the Sudanese people.

He affirmed the necessity of optimizing the high productivity of wheat this year and benefiting from it by addressing the issues of mills and providing bread, stressing the need for good preparation for the summer agricultural season and tightening the coordination between the relevant authorities to provide all production inputs.

The Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Badawi, has pointed to previous meetings with the states in which a careful review of the salary structures, pointing to treatments for the pensions within the framework of a project adopted by the Ministry of Labor and Social Development, for which the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning will provide the required support.

Dr. Al-Badawi discussed the situation of the supply of wheat and wheat-flour and implementation development projects in the states, especially the drinking water, electricity and agricultural roads projects.

The Minister of Trade and Industry, Madani Abbas Madani, stated that his ministry will supply the states with the policies and mechanisms adopted in the distribution of wheat-flour quotas, announcing plans to establish a number of new mills in the states.

He affirmed the concern given by his ministry for establishing cooperatives as a basic means to overcome the increase of prices.

 The Minister of Agriculture and Natural Resources, engineer Eissa Osman Sharif, has presented a report at the meeting on the preparations of his ministry for success of the summer agricultural season, especially with regard to the provision of finance and production inputs.

Meanwhile, the Walis (governors) of the states state governors explained the overall issues and problems facing the implementation of development projects in their states and visions to address them, especially in the areas of health, education, roads, electricity, drinking water, and the flow of fuel for agriculture, praising the large increase in the salaries of workers in the states.

The meeting underscored the importance of concerted efforts between the center and the states to make the summer agricultural season a success, as well as organizing regular meetings between the concerned ministries and the states