Hamdouk Meets Delegation of Unionist Party (united


Hamdouk Meets Delegation of Unionist Party (united

The Prime Minister, Dr. Abdullah Hamdouk met yesterday, Monday at his office with the delegation of the United Unionist party in framework of the consultation he made with the political and civil forces.

The UPU delegation included the party’s chairman, Ismat Yahia, his deputy, Hashim Al- Moufti, the head of the party’s Information Committee, Mohamed Mabrouk, and the member of the Political Committee Tamadour Husien.

The meeting discussed the peace process, the challenges facing the process, completion of the structure of the transitional period, including the commissions, especially the land commission which the party considers as directly linked with the solution and prevention of conflicts on land and the lands (Hawkeer) ownership between the population’s components.

The PM has extended thanks to the united unionist party delegation, and its clear vision on the different issues, stressing that the government concern with the reform of the public service, and the formation of the commission for the reform of the public service.

The UP has stressed on neglecting the political blackmailing of the forces enemies of the revolution and the change.

Pointing to the importance of discussion of all issues, including the issues of secularism and the separation of religion from the state, explaining its vision on the external relations lauding openness of government towards the international community especially the European countries and the USA, commending the efforts exerted for resolution of the file of USA’s sanctions and lifting Sudan from list of countries sponsor to terrorism.

The unionist party (the united) delegation has pointed to the reform of the banking system, the importance of dealing with the gold as a sovereign commodity that belongs to Sudanese people, indicating the government work in the economy structural reform, lauding the increase in the salaries of the public sector.